Abusive Behavior

Are you in an abusive relationship? Read over our nine categories of abusive relationships to get clarity on what's happening in your relationship(s).

A Letter on Showing Repentance

What are the seven (at minimum) areas an abuser needs to address to demonstrate repentance? Find out with a deep dive into these areas in a thoughtful post on Psalm 82 Initiative's blog.

Counseling Care for Domestic Abuse DVD

Learn how to confront the evil of domestic abuse with Pastor and Biblical Counselor Chris Moles, author of the book “The Heart of Domestic Abuse”. Pastor and author Jeremy Pierre portrays “Travis”, the counselee. Pierre creates a challenging portrait of an abuser, one who you might never expect. This approach helps illustrate the difficulty for those who encounter abuse for the first time.

Focus Ministries – Safety Plan 1

If you are a victim of domestic violence, make a safety plan to help you figure out what to do the next time you are in danger.

Download Plan