Meet Our Board

J. Anthony Hertzler

Anthony and his wife Abigail have five children. The Hertzlers seek to build their lives around relationships with God and other people and to serve the oppressed and suffering both inside and outside the church. Anthony is a writer and marketer and works part time in construction. He served as a medical first responder and volunteer firefighter for eight years and currently serves as president of LifeRing Christian Ministries.

Anthony has a passion to see Jesus exalted in his church and dreams of seeing all churches well equipped to apply the Gospel to oppressive relationships with wisdom, justice, and mercy, reflecting God's heart toward victims and oppressors.

Jason & Judy Beachy

Jason and Judy Beachy live in Northern Indiana. Jason is a production manager at Ayr Cabinet Company and has served in various capacities in various ministries over the years. He has a heart of compassion for "the least of these," and most of all he loves being a husband and a dad. Judy is vice-president of LifeRing Ministries. She has been involved in abuse advocacy and victim support for the past 15 years and is currently working on advocacy certification through Called to Peace Ministries, as well as pursuing a degree in Human Services. They have four children.

Mervin & Joanne Zimmerman

Mervin and Joanne have been married for 33 years and have 7 children and 9 grandchildren. Mervin works at an exhaust and tire shop. He has worked with several local ambulances as an EMT and Paramedic for over 30 years, also serving on their boards in various positions. Joanne has been teaching elementary school students for the past 12 years. Through witnessing friends who have gone through relationship struggles, their goal is to be advocates for those in similar situations.

Mike & Amanda Musser

Mike and Amanda Musser have been married nearly 11 years and have six children. Mike works as a truck driver and volunteers with local fire departments. Amanda has been a stay at home mom, as well as volunteering time on the ambulance for more than 10 years. Through some of life's experiences, individually and in their marriage, as well as some of the things they have come into contact with while volunteering - advocating for and helping those who need help and those who have been abused is something that is close to their hearts.

Rosanna Brubacker

Rosanna Brubacker became interested in domestic violence advocacy for descendants of Anabaptist people groups when her own search for advocacy led to getting more help outside the church rather than from church-offered ministries. She observed that pastors who wanted more information were hesitant to go to those outside the conservative culture for answers for fear of sacrificing two-kingdom theology. However, the churches seemed to lack necessary knowledge. The desire to help bring answers to abused people in conservative Anabaptist churches led to a personal life plan. To that end, she completed domestic violence advocacy training by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and advocacy training by faith-based Focus Ministries and continues to add to her knowledge of abuse dynamics. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Crisis Counseling at Liberty University and is pursuing a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health at Lancaster Bible College.

Henry & Kayla Hertzler

Henry and Kayla live with their two sons in Richmond, VA, and work with a local church focused on Jesus, the Bible, and saving souls through love and discipleship.

Henry has a passion of showing Jesus' love to victims of abuse and human trafficking. He has completed training for working with victims of domestic violence and human trafficking and has volunteered at Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is an organization serving the greater Richmond area with a mission of providing support that survivors of abuse need to overcome their crisis and transform their lives.

Kayla spent a year in East Africa where she witnessed many accounts of domestic violence. She returned to the U.S. with an increased burden to be actively involved in working with victims of abuse. Kayla received training through Safe Harbor, and has spent time volunteering in their trafficking shelter as well as with their RHART team (Regional Hospital Accompaniment Response).

Elaine Nolt

Elaine Nolt is a domestic abuse survivor. About her marriage, she says "The first year was hard and things went downhill from there." She and her husband were blessed with 4 children during the 15 years they were together. Those years included many bruises, several broken bones, and hassling by uneducated ministry and family. After her husband landed in prison charged with attempted murder of his wife, Elaine and her children set about building a life with calmness, safety and peace in it. With the assistance of counselors they began learning how an emotionally healthy family unit functions. Friends moved them to Virginia from Pennsylvania three years later to get away from the threats of physical violence and more. The children are now grown, are Christians, and are all married to Christians. Elaine has been involved ever since her separation in helping other women who have trouble in their lives. God consistently brings women in need across her path. She is an avid reader, especially about abuse and various forms of it and about how to assist those in it in a Godly way. Elaine and her oldest son have a partnership LLC, where they raise produce, chickens, and beef organically and have a farm stand where she spends most of her time. They put in a commercial kitchen so they now have baked goods to sell and they just received the certification necessary to can and sell pickles and tomato sauce. The Lord has been good to the children and Elaine. One of her greatest joys is the 12 grandchildren who are literally spread around the world, eight in the county where she lives, one in Oregon and three in Cambodia.